Posted by Billy Buckley on Dec 14, 2018

In true Rotarian style, Rotary members take action when people are in need. Recently, Pleasanton North Rotary (PNR) learned that there was an opportunity to “adopt” a family from Paradise that had lost everything in the recent Campfire fire. Without hesitation, PNR jumped in and “adopted" a family. 


The Webb family (parents Alisha and Joe, and their 3 children - JJ aged 6, Johnny aged 4 and Alissa aged 2) lost everything in the fire. The fire department knocked at their door giving them just minutes to evacuate. When they returned, all was gone. This family of five was re-homed to a tent in a church parking lot. When the Norovirus broke out the Red Cross told them to leave. Now they are staying temporarily with a friend. Joe owned a landscaping business in Paradise. With all of the destruction, there is little opportunity at this time to restart his business.


The amazing members at PNR secured a Fifth Wheel RV - giving them a home!! Toys and bikes for the children, $2000 in gift cards, and new shoes from Fleet Feet were collected! We received this text from Joe “Well, it looks like we’re going to have a good Christmas this year after all thanks to the Pleasanton Rotary Club. Words can not describe how we felt losing everything. And words can not describe how we feel by the generosity from your Club.”


Many families still need help. If your Club would like to adopt a family go to: