Below are upcoming member events please mark your calendars.  Please let Susan Dees know ASAP if you are coming to the event on teh 28th so we can book the rooms.

February 28 - Escape Room

This will be approximately $30 per person and there are 10 people per room.  Wouldn't it be fun to at lease get 2 groups and compete who gets out of the room fastest?  


March 29 - Charter Night

We will be dark this day for the meeting.  Please sign up and let us know if you are coming and if you would like to host.  We are also looking for someone to host the pre-party at their business.


April 26 - Wine Tasting

We are still working on the logistics of this fun day.  We will keep you posted.


May 31 - Baci Ball

We will be dark this day for the meeting.  Please join us instead for a fun night of food, fun and Baci Ball.  This has turned into such a fun event.  Hope to see everyone join in!